Sunday, November 4, 2012

Participating Stores

Stores that are VERIFIED! have passed our walk-through and for sure have the hunt prim, and prize hidden somewhere. If the store is not VERIFIED! and has a ? that means that most likely, it's not ready for the hunt. But there is a chance they are now ready, so hunt there at your own risk. We make every effort to make sure the stores are ready, and have VERIFIED! the ones that are for your convenience. Please click the store name for the direct Surl! You can also obtain an "All Locations Notecard" from the starting point at Nocturnal Needs and from the group Nocturnal Hunts.

1. Nocturnal Needs: If you're going to wear T-Shirts in the dead of winter, you will have to wear 10 t-shirts at the same time to stay warm!! VERIFIED!

2. Dragonsworn Island: I have fallen.... find me under a bush of another color. :) VERIFIED!

3. D&G Fashions: You know, Those would make an awful lot of Pie! VERIFIED!

4. SHUP BISH: This silent friend will protect your autumn harvest. VERIFIED!

5. RVi Design: To thank you all for the great support, we have few gifts for you in the VIP room! VERIFIED!

6. Rosengarten: Walk over the bridge and sit down close to the campfire. Look around and find your gift. VERIFIED!

7. Incendia Outdoors: I hope i dont blow into the fire at this 6 stump seating. VERIFIED!

8. Scott's fabrications: ((Teleport to the OUTDOOR Section))
Meditate or do some yoga in Scott's Zen Deck,
And While Looking at the waterfall,
I'd check for washed down Leaves...  ;P VERIFIED!

9. Electric: Hunts can be such a BREEZE. VERIFIED!

10. NUTS Inc: I was blown away from Wuthering Heights. VERIFIED!

11. KA Piercing & Jewelry: Isn't it bad luck to walk under a ladder? VERIFIED!

12. Bound & Bitten: Oh I'm lovin' fall! VERIFIED!

13. ChiMia: Search high and low but you may kick yourself if you don't sit and take a break from searching. VERIFIED!

14. Swine & Roses: Best Seat in the house. VERIFIED!

15. Shadow's Bodyworks: Where the luck sit at. VERIFIED! 

16. Dani's: How fast can a Cheetah run? VERIFIED!

17. Grumble: Jessie has it. VERIFIED!

18. Kabuki Creations: Mmhhh How INTIMATE we can get (Ground floor only, a best selling item) VERIFIED!

19. xKorruptedx: I'm About To Fall. VERIFIED!

20. [FIEND]: Kick back and relax rest for a while! VERIFIED!

21. ..::RO!ACT::..DESIGNS: We have many items on SALE, you should check them out! VERIFIED!

22. +REDRUM+: It's Electric!!! VERIFIED!

23. Vips Corner: Be care...True Blood is here and is real..Beware of Pam... VERIFIED!

24. Nekolicious: Do you have any suggestions for me? VERIFIED!

25. Aphrodite Shop: It must be on the little bed of those tiny lovely autumn animals! VERIFIED!

26. +Half-Deer+: You have a little paint on your nose.... VERIFIED!

27a. Freya's Finest Jewels (Mainstore @ Bleston): This gets the Thumbs Up from me! VERIFIED!

27b. Freya's Finest Jewels (@ Caspertech): It's the O'irish in me. VERIFIED!

28. STORE 13: Don't slap one of these off your leg, it may save you money on your car. VERIFIED!

29. FlufferNutterz: Flowers have leaves. VERIFIED!

30. Barely Legal Couture: Thank you for GROUPIE Lovin! VERIFIED!

31. Lok's Low Prim Furniture: As we dream by the fire... VERIFIED!

32. Club Roca/Beale St. Blues: 
It started with the Blues
Swelling up from the Delta
Finding a home on Beale Street
It spawned a King,
Shaking up the world. VERIFIED!

33. Dolome Designs: Home is where the hearth is, especially if its toasty warm :-) VERIFIED!

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